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Pedrógão Pequeno, Sertã

This belonged to the Order of Malta and must have been built in the first half of the 16th century

This belonged to the Order of Malta and must have been built in the first half of the 16th century (it would have already existed in 1522), since the existence of the church dedicated to St. John the Baptist was documented from 1551. The date of 1587 carved in the triumphal arch marks the conclusion of the church or the chancel. Following the 1755 earthquake, in 1779 (the date carved on the portal) it underwent extensive repair and renovation.

Manueline, Renaissance and Baroque church, with longitudinal footprint composed of two juxtaposed rectangles, with the structure containing two sacristies and a chapel added to the north side. East-facing late Baroque facade. Over the portal (carved with the date 1779) a niche decorated with a shell, with the image of St. John the Baptist in marble. Bell tower slightly set back from the facade, crowned with a pyramid shape covered in blue and white tiles.



The church has three naves separated by four round arches on Tuscan columns. Wooden ceiling with smooth coffers, five of them painted with scenes from the life of St. John the Baptist. Choir loft in wood supported on two columns. Pulpit attached to the column of the fourth northern span, in masonry and with cylindrical balcony supported on one of the columns. Four beautiful side altars with carved gilt altarpieces. On the Gospel side (left) a round arch - with bas-relief representation of the baptism of Christ on the keystone – leading to the baptismal chapel on the first floor of the bell tower. The font is chalice-shaped and its surface decorated with grooved spirals On the same side there is also a chapel dedicated to St. John the Baptist.



Round triumphal arch carved with the date 1587. Beautiful altarpiece in carved gilt in the national and Joanine styles. Barrel vault ceiling with stuccoed coffers with the cross lines picked out in stonework.

Classified as a Building of Public Interest.


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Pedrógão Pequeno, Sertã 
Latitude: 39° 54' 15.12" N
Longitude: 8° 7' 51.816" W

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Pedrógão Pequeno, Sertã

Dated from the 16th century and classified as a Building of Public Interest, it had quite a troubled history before getting to where it is today.